Hello. I am a theologian.coffee freak.father of three.husband.philosopher.writer.hiker.wine lover.climber.
I live in Austria and work as Associate Professor at KU Linz.
I teach, write, and read and I like to ask questions.


My new book on Christianity after Christendom: Heretical Perspectives in Philosophical Theology is published

“Transforming Theology” in Graz (June 2023).

I gave a talk on Jaroslav Rudis’s novel “Winterbergs letzte Reise” (May 2023).

Podcast on “The Greatest Czech Philosopher You Have Never Heard Of”

The book dedicated to John D. Caputo which I co-edited with Joeri Schrijvers has been published by Lexington Books (2022).

I edited a special issue of Open Theology on the theme After the Theological Turn: Essays in (New) Continental Philosophical Theology (2022)

They heard that I had an argument with Tomas Halik and invited me to speak on the Czech Radio.

Have you ever co-written a text with your wife? I have! Check our contribution to Life above the Clouds: Philosophy in the Films of Terrence Malick, ed. S. DeLay (SUNY 2023).

Tomas Halik and I had a passionate debate on  Christianity after Christendom. The video has already got more than 2k viewers. 



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